Carts customized by Classy Carts

Above are some of the carts Classy Carts has customized.

(1) This old EZ Go looks as good as new with fresh paint, lift and tires and new seat coverings. This cart also started out as a 3 wheeler but became a 4 wheeler with some fabrication.

(2) and (3) Our first "Classybilt".  There were no plans to follow, this was an original design by Daryl and was all hand fabricated. We have built 4 more of these.

(4) This was a super clean electric EZ Go that we took in on trade.  All we added to it was the new tires and rims.

(5) This was a plain Club Car when the customer brought it to us. We installed the rear fold down seat, lift, tires and wheels, top and fold down windshield. Not quite as boring as it used to be!

(6) Classy Carts took this plain electric EZ GO and added the camo body skins, camo wheels, a lift kit and tires for the ultimate hunting vehicle. It's quiet, blends in with the terrain and can go just about anywhere!

(7) This cart was customized in 2008. You can see the difference it makes to the look of the cart just by adding a lift kit, tires, rims and a rear seat when compared to the carts in the background.

(8) and (9) This was an old Pargo that we found at a junk yard for $50. We fixed the battery trays, frame, repaired the body, recovered the seat and painted it. It turned out to be quite a little attention getter wherever we took it.

(10) and (11) Here's another cart that Classy Carts built for one of their toys. This actually started out as a 3 wheeled cart. We cut the front end off of a 4 wheeled EZ Go and welded it on this frame. We built the roll bars, installed racing seats with safety harness seat belts, lifted it and put a nice paint job on it. It took quite a bit of abuse out on the trails at the campground!

(12) A very sweet looking EZ Go that Classy Carts customized.

(13) These aren't your Grandpa's golf carts! The gray cart is powered by a 340 Yamaha snowmobile engine and the red one by a 540 Yamaha. They were built to do wheel stands and to go FAST! Classy Carts added the aftermarket Club Car bodies with custom paint, roll bars, racing seats and 5 point harnesses because when you're going over 40 mph on a golf cart, you might want to be strapped in!

(14) and (15) Even old Harley Davidsons can look cool again with some custom paint done by Classy Carts.

(16) This is the golf cart that Classy Carts built. We did the custom paint job on the aftermarket Club Car body in teal and silver, added the lift kit, wheels and tires, top and windshield, front and rear brush guards, lights, and a wood grain dash. This is one sweet ride!

(17) Daryl from Classy Carts built this electric Club Car cart for his wife Heidi. She picked out the purple paint, he added the aftermarket Club Car body, lift kit, tires and rims, brush guards and lights, and recovered the seats. Any girl would love to have a golf cart like this for her very own!

(18) This was a nice older Western cart that looked as good as new with fresh paint, lift and tires.

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